Avatar Kids

AvatarKids, telepresence for kids in hospitals

Showcase (real application example)

Kids who must stay prolonged times in hospitals suffer often from isolation. The project Avatar Kids ensures that young long-term patients don't lose contact with their school buddies and that they stay socially integrated. Connected by the avatar robot Nao, they stay in contact with their school friends and family at home. They can even participate in classes in realtime.

3d-prototyp GmbH has worked considerably on this project. The complete substructure (Seat, backrest, tablet holder and mobile rack) has been constructed by 3d-prototyp GmbH and produced on Fortus FDM equipment. The material selection fell on polycarbonate in combination with the UV-resistant ASA. Currently the first series runs with 20 units.

3d-prototyp GmbH supported Avatarion technology AG, Volketwil in realising this process.


Avatarion technology AG, Volketwil


Education / Research

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Continuous product development / frequent changes in product design
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Bridge manufacturing


Provider who helped realising this showcase

3d-prototyp GmbH

3D-Dienstleistungen·3D-Teilefabrik· 3D-Scannen·3D-Architekurmodelle

3d-prototyp GmbH will display this showcase at the following exhibition:

AM Expo 2016
20. and 21. September 2016, Messe Luzern, Switzerland
Halle 02 / Booth B2041