Showcase 28 June 2016

Concept Tool

The concept tool is a prototype of an advanced drilling machine that sets a benchmark about what can be achieved today through state of the art 3D printing in terms of development and manufacturing.

pd|z Our Mission

The product development group of the ETH Zurich (short pd|z) focuses on human-centered product development and regards the link between research and education as the key to excellence in training. We see ourselves as a partner for industry and promote the continuous transfer of knowledge through cooperation, as well as the training and further education of students and graduates to boost the competitiveness of the mechanical engineering industry in switzerland.

Concept Tool, the challenge

Today 3D printing is mainly used for rapid prototyping and specialised parts. The idea behind this project is to show the beneficial properties of 3D Printing as manufacturing technology for industrial use. The focus is on the product development process for additive manufactured parts illustrated by the example of a battery operated hammer drill. 

The different sub-systems of the Concept Tool show the range of applications of 3D printing. The used 3D printing technologies are Selective Laser Melting (SLM) for metal components and Selective Laser…

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