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Additive manufacturing enables the production of "better" components and products. "Better" in this ...

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Published on
March 21, 2018

Helix for UV light mixer

In cooperation with MABI Robotic, Sixjet AG has created a complex helix structure for an UV light mixer entirely from AlSi10 using the LaserCUSING process.


Published on
March 12, 2018

Revolutionary KSS nozzle concepts thanks 3D-printing

211/5000 "Lubricate effort with minimal coolant lubricant (KSS), where necessary". The new possibilities of the AM technology with the expertise of the company JCM ToolTec GmbH allow optimal nozzles to realize efficiently.


Published on
August 16, 2016

Thin-walled cover for microforce sensor for nano-newtons

The component combines the strengths of additive manufacturing with the traditional post processing. Thin wall thickness, freedom of design, precise guides, highest surface quality and a marketable price in quantities of 500-1000 pcs/year.

Providers with competence in the topic "Boosting performance"

BSF Bünter AG

Grenzenlose Möglichkeiten dank Additiver Fertigung von Metall in Kombination mit mechanischer Bearbeitung!

Ecoparts AG

AM Dienstleister in Metall - seit mehr als 10 Jahren

Femec AG

selective laser melting Hightech-CNC-Teilefertigung


Additive Serienfertigung von Kunststoffbauteilen, spritzgussnahe Qualität, 12% dichtere SLS-Teile - High Quality SLS parts, SLS mass production, SLS parts with 12% more density

Sixjet AG

Ihr Spezialist für 3D-Druck und CNC-Fertigung

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