Rapid prototyping & tooling

"Rapid prototyping" refers to the various additive manufacturing methods used for rapid production of specimen components – in fact, this is where additive manufacturing originated. Rapid tooling is another technology that speeds up product manufacturing. It takes advantage of additive manufacturing techniques to produce tools. This topic shows how you can benefit from rapid manufacturing methods.

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Solidtec GmbH August 20, 2021
Service Highlight

Injection Molding Prototypes

During the construction, attention is paid to the high stability and durability of the tool in order to achieve the lowest possible cycle times for injection molding. This means that, depending on the original material, far more than 100,000 components can be manufactured.

Solidtec GmbH August 20, 2021
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Rapid Tooling

Solidtec has been in the plastics industry for over 25 years. We manufacture high quality plastic prototypes as well as pilot and small series in the shortest possible time. The entire process chain is located in the company - our basis for optimal results.

3D Solutions - CHROMOS Group August 11, 2021

Produce carbon fiber parts with 3D printed molds

Replace costly CNC milling with agile, cost-saving solutions for short-run manufacturing. Using BigRep's 3D printer in mold making saves time, is up to 5x cheaper and enables agile iterations.

Rapid Manufacturing AG August 9, 2021

Rapid Product Development for Research

Rapid product development - the collaboration between the focus projects of the ETH Zurich and Rapid Manufacturing AG Rümlang Zurich as an example. ethec is an electric motorcycle with an amazing distance range and RoBoa is a robot snake for search and rescue in buried areas.

3D Solutions - CHROMOS Group August 4, 2021
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3D Printing Platform

Professional and fast 3D printing is easily possible via our online printing platform. You upload your model, choose material and technology and then receive a quote immediately. It doesn't get any faster than that.

GF Casting Solutions AG July 26, 2021
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Setting new trends for the automotive industry

Need to speed up your manufacturing processes? Benefit from fast turnaround time and a single point of contact: From the concept to the serial production.

DIM3NSIONS GmbH July 20, 2021
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Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

Thanks to the open filament system, the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is the most versatile professional 3D printer and best suited for 24/7 usage. Prototypes, jigs and fixtures, spare parts and even serial parts can be realized with it without hassles.

3d-printerstore.ch - except ag July 7, 2021

Transportation Engineering with Raise3d

3D printers can produce parts that are no longer available at all. Raise3d printers are used to produce functional parts and prototypes for locomotive systems and transport companies.

3d-printerstore.ch - except ag July 5, 2021
Product Highlight

Raise3D - High End 3D Printers

Raise3D is just an excellent choice in terms of price-quality relationship, with the highest standards on the market for Industrial 3d printing for flexible manufacturing.

ProductionToGo GmbH December 3, 2020

Flyer uses the NXE400 to quickly Prototype New E-Bikes

In order for the e-bike company FLYER to grow further, the focus is on rapid product development. To support its own innovation process, FLYER chose the NXE400 SLA printer, which enabled it to reduce both design and production time by 48%.

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