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Zurich University of Applied Science - Institute of Product Development and Production Technologies January 4, 2024

Learning to make the most of additive manufacturing

"3D printing" or "additive manufacturing" opens up new possibilities. Their use requires knowledge, training and synthesis with personal experience in order to get the most out of these potentials, both economically and ecologically. The ZHAW supports you in achieving the very best.

Siemens Digital Industries Software November 9, 2023

Schubert Additive Solutions leverages NX to achieve digitalization and cut part lead times by 90 percent

Schubert Additive Solutions provides a solution for decentralized on-demand part production called Partbox. This consists of a part manufacturing data streaming platform, 3D printers and the matching plastic filament enabling customers to buy custom part designs and print the parts locally.

Rösler Schweiz AG October 27, 2023

Internal Channel Surface Finishing: New Technologies and Case Study

This speech Daniele Da Prato presents the results in terms of cleaning and smoothing of internal channel surface of AlSi10Mg printed parts obtained through different mechanical and chemical processes. These techniques can enhance the development of Additive Manufacturing in the mobility sectors.

IBAM - Innovation Booster Additive Manufacturing October 27, 2023

Advanced Manufacturing of drug delivery systems

InkVivo’s technology provides pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies a cost-effective strategy to repurpose drugs and to extend the lifecycle of existing products, addressing a multi-billion market. Learn more in the pitch by Dr Elia Guzzi.

CSEM SA October 20, 2023

Processing of advanced materials

Additive Manufacturing has not only enabled unprecedented freedom in design but has also unlocked processing of advanced materials. During this talk you will discover recent advances in developing end-to-end additive manufacturing process of advanced materials for your applications.

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